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Secret Fords Volume Two

Everyone loves a secret, and this book is full of them.


Secret Fords Volume Two continues an extraordinary journey into the never-seen world of prototypes, one-offs and design studies that have been kept under wraps until now. Readers get to see how the most iconic cars of the late ’80s through to the now-collectable twenty-year-old Focus RS were born. Last year’s Volume One was nominated as a finalist for RAC’s Book Of The Year and awarded ‘Best book 2021’ by Classic Ford Magazine. The second volume ups the game as it creeps closer to the present. The story is all the more fascinating as it examines the highs and lows of some cars that were memorable for the right – and sometimes wrong – reasons. 


These are some of the book’s head-spinning disclosures, illustrated with hundreds of never-seen photographs and sketches –

  • The fascinating story of how one man’s determination got the Escort Cosworth – a rebodied Sierra underneath – down the line and up on to the top step of the podium

  • Why ’91 Escort’s failure happened and how its fallout jolted Ford into making best-in-class cars 

  • The never-told story of how the Focus was inspired by a single sketch of a 28-year-old former intern.

  • The GN34 supercar – what happened when Italdesign faced off against Ghia to style a car to challenge the Ferrari 328 and NSX using a British-designed chassis and Yamaha-Ford power

  • The secret 2000s replacement Scorpio, inspired by a Mercedes and styled by a famous designer to look like an Audi

  • An astonishing series of sketches by Ford's current design team in the exclusive RS Special Collector's Edition

Alternate designs for each of these cars are seen for the first time, as they help plot a meticulous tale of how Ford created the cars we came to love – and occasionally loathe. There has never been a book written like this before that peers so far inside a car company, effectively creating a whole new genre of “secret” motoring book.


Six Thousand Images Picked Over For One Book

Ford was so impressed by Volume One that they went all-in. The author was given permission to pick over six thousand images to tell this unique story. For what may be the first time in history, a car company offered to scan every one of the previously unseen images in its design archive – most of them still bearing the foreboding STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. 


Ford’s commitment to the book was remarkable – trusting the author to tell the story without asking for a review so that current and former employees reveal exactly how these secret cars were lived or died, warts and all. The secretive world of product planning is laid bare for readers to see in a unique way, as some of Ford’s most senior former planners divulge their dark arts for the first time.


Richard Parry-Jones wrote a foreword for Volume One and enjoyed the experience so much that he wrote another for Volume Two – sadly these will be his last ever words. They make for a vibrant celebration of his abilities and lend a poignancy to the new book’s historical significance. Ian Callum, a former colleague of the author during their time at Jaguar, wrote a complementary foreword of his time at Ford and the cars he designed for Ford at TWR. These two entrées – from the most celebrated engineer and designer of their generation – stands testament to the author’s standing and sets the tone for a vibrantly-written journey through almost 20 years of Ford, as it initially stumbles and then reinvents itself with the astonishing Focus.


Unique Perspective From An Insider

Steve Saxty started at Ford as a product designer, moving to more senior marketing roles at Mazda, Porsche, and Jaguar. This gives him an insider’s ability to bring to life the complex processes of product planners, designers, engineers, marketers, and management that result in fascinating cars. It is why Ford granted him unprecedented access to its archives, and why he was able to talk as a peer to almost every member of the former design team who enthusiastically passed on information and images they had kept private for decades.

Secret Fords Volume Two FAQs

  • How quickly does Volume Two ship?

    • UK delivery typically takes 2-​3 days. 

  • How big will it be?​

    • The main book is around 10 percent longer than Volume One and the Scrapbook is around 25 percent longer than before.

  • Which version should I buy?

    • Entirely up to you! The Collector's Edition outsold the Standard Edition 2:1 for Volume One​ as a guide to the most popular. Early interest in the three-book RS Special Collector's Edition has represented two-thirds of sales

  • Are there any deals?

    • Yes, if you buy Volumes One and Two together then UK orders save the £10.75 per book cost of shipping - see here for details

  • Explain to me in more detail what I get from each version.

    • Single book Standard Edition is 336 pages, full colour and tells the story of European Fords from the late ’80s through to the 2002 Focus RS​. The first edition launch copies come with a free (and rather lovely) double-sided poster showing the most iconic Ford wheels on one side and design sketches on the other. So perfect for your garage.

    • Two-book Collector's Edition includes an author-signed and numbered certificated copy of Secret Fords plus a Scrapbook with another unseen 100-plus images and stories. Supplied in a two-book boxed slipcase with unique cover art and two double-sided posters.

    • Three-book RS Special Collector's Editon includes 1) signed and numbered copy of Secret Fords Vol Two, 2) Scrapbook and 3) the RS Special Collector's Book. This unique third book includes several detailed first-hand stories written the engineers and designers of the Escort Cosworth and Focus RS. Features include more unseen RS testing and prototype images, insights into the RS customer, and a summary of who designed every RS model. Includes two unique RS double-sided posters, one side showing every RS wheel and the other side features unseen RS design sketches – plus a third poster of the non-RS cars (see above). The RS Special Collector's Book also contains a unique reimagining of an ’80s RS icon by Ford's current design team.

  • I have a Volume One Collector's Edition – can I have the same number?

    • Unfortunately, it requires special racking and storage to call off individual numbers at the warehouse. Since this would add cost we would rather make these valuable books as affordable as possible. Therefore numbers will be shipped first-come-first-served.

  • Do you ship outside the UK?

    • Yes, Steve's books ship worldwide. Unfortunately, because of their 2.5-3kg weight​ international shipping is expensive and charged at cost

  • These posters sound cool – can I buy them rolled flat for framing?

    • ​Yes, the posters will be available separately here. The copies supplied with the books are folded to save your shipping costs. However, for those wanting copies for framing, we will make flat versions available with a 25 percent discount for buyers of the books.

  • How do I check on my order?

    • You will receive an initial order confirmation and then – when the book is loaded into Express & Global's system, they will send a tracking email. We suggest contacting them – rather than the author who doesn't post them himself – at

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