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Secret Fords Volume Two

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  • Launches early December 2021

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Secret Fords Volume Two covers mid-’80s-to-2002 Focus RS and will be available in three versions:

1) Single-book STANDARD EDITION – nearly 350 pages of never-seen images handpicked from 5,000 formerly secret photos and the first-hand stories of more than 100 Ford designers and engineers.

  • Launch copies include a free £12.50-value poster

2) Two-book COLLECTORS' EDITION includes Author-signed and numbered certified book plus second scrapbook containing hundreds of extra images and previously untold tales

  • Launch copies include two free posters – £25-value.

3) Three-book RS SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION includes Author-signed and numbered RS certificated book plus a scrapbook containing hundreds of extra images plus a third RS Scrapbook featuring untold stories and unseen RS images of prototypes and special RS cars. Launch copies are limited to 1500 editions.

  • Launch copies include special RS poster set – £37.50-value

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions

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Secret Fords Volume Two FAQs

  • When can I buy Volume Two?

    • The book should arrive in stock the first week of December.

  • How do I get my hands on a copy?​

    • Priority will be given to readers that sign up in the form above – they will be given the chance to preorder ahead of public sale.

  • Do I need to sign up again if I am on Steve's email list?​

    • No, there's no need!​

  • How big will it be?​

    • The main book will be around 10 percent longer than Volume One and the two Scrapbooks​ will be around 25 percent longer than before.

  • Which version should I buy?

    • Entirely up to you! The Collector's Edition outsold the Standard Edition 2:1 for Volume One​ as a guide to the most popular. Early interest in the three-book RS Special Collector's Edition appears highest pre-launch.

  • What's in the book, chapter-by-chapter?

    • The chapter list will be available to those on the mailing list and put up on this site later.​

  • Explain to me in more detail what I get from each version.

    • Single book Standard Edition is 336 pages, full colour and tells the story of European Fords from the late ’80s through to the 2002 Focus RS​. The first edition launch copies come with a free (and rather lovely) double-sided poster showing the most iconic Ford wheels on one side and design sketches on the other. So perfect for your garage.

    • Two-book Collector's Edition includes an author-signed and numbered certificated copy of Secret Fords plus a Scrapbook with another unseen 100-plus images and stories. Supplied in a two-book boxed slipcase with unique cover art and two double-sided posters.

    • Three-book RS Special Collector's Editon includes the two books above plus a third RS-only Scrapbook. This includes several detailed first-hand written the engineers and designers of the Escort Cosworth and Focus RS. Features include more unseen RS testing and prototype images, insights into the RS customer, and a summary of who designed every RS model. Includes two unique RS double-sided posters, one side showing every RS wheel and the other side features unseen RS design sketches – plus a third poster of the non-RS cars (see above). The RS Scrapbook also contains a unique one-off Really Special element that will be announced later.

  • I have a Volume One Collector's Edition – can I have the same number?

    • Unfortunately, it requires special racking and storage to call off individual numbers at the warehouse. That would add cost we would rather make these valuable books as affordable as possible. Therefore numbers will be shipped first-come-first-served.

  • These posters sound cool – can I buy them rolled flat for framing?

    • ​Yes, the posters will be available separately. The copies supplied with the books are folded to save your shipping costs. However, for those wanting copies for framing, we will make flat versions available with a 50 percent discount for buyers of the two Collector's Editions