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It puts to bed many ludicrous pub tales, and is the most definitive book on the subject. Patrick le Quément has called it “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience”....


Bob Lutz saying “I am tremendously happy with this book; the job you’ve done, the depth of research, the

 number of arcane design photos all greatly exceed normal ‘car history’ expectations”........the stamp of authority does not get greater than that!


At first, some of you might gulp at the £44.95 or £79.95 respective prices. Let me assure you that this book is certainly very high quality, it represents great value for money.

Remember this won’t be available at any bookshops or Amazon.


VERDICT: If classic Fords are your hobby - this book is for you!

Forces Cars Direct, November, 2018

 If we accept that Ford is one of the most important car brands in the world and the UK’s most popular seller, a 304pp large-format book that details the past 50 years of Ford Motor Company’s coupes, ST, XR and RS models should make good reading. There is no disappointment in this superb tome. As its author, Steve Saxty, was one of Ford’s designers during the 1980s and 1990s and was given unparalleled access to the behind-the-scenes’ stories and facts, you might also appreciate that it provides an important record of a company experiencing enormous changes over the past half-century.

'The content is marvelous and highlights the trends and styles evident and influential since the 1960s.'

Retro Speed, November 2018

'...profusely illustrated, including many lovely mid-term sketches and drawings, is written by the very experienced Steve Saxty who worked across multifarious and relevant departments at Ford Motor Company during the 1980s, including engineering, design and marketing. Therefore, and above all, this is an important reference book. It is also a good read, weaving myriad story lines with multitudinous personality clashes worthy at times of John le Carre. 

Thoroughly recommended.'

Chequered Flag Nov, 2018

Author Steve Saxty’s working background was deeply involved in this Ford of Europe era, being a product designer in the 80s and 90s, and therefore much of what has been written is with detailed and in depth knowledge of his subject. Having access to the Ford archives and personnel, he has brought to life many facets of car design and marketing, both good and bad.


Illustrated with some brilliant colour illustrations and design drawings,  as well as period photographs and marketing posters, it is possible to see the designers’ thought processes behind each car. Both small and insignificant or major redesign details are shown in equal clarity.


For Ford aficionados everywhere, this book will be of one for the bookshelf collection. For everyone, this will be a reference book of historical interest showing Ford’s progress up to the modern day.


Reader reviews left on publishers website

Got an old Ford? Get this! 

Jay Wise on Jan 11, 2019

Simply great, the book I've been waiting for, for years. None of the previous books I've read can touch this for sheer information and depth. If you like old Ford's or are just interested in how the industry worked back in the day, this is a must and worth every penny!


Jayne Thomas on Jan 11, 2019

My son requested this book as a Christmas gift from us. When it arrived, being a child of the 80's, i could not help myself and had a good look through the book. I was very please to see just how well this book was designed and the illustrations are first class. My son was thrilled when he recieved it. Delivery and the book protection was also first class. I highly recommend.

Amazing book

Andrew Smith on Jan 11, 2019

I purchased this book as a Christmas present to myself after following the author on Facebook and his progress on writing it.

Wow! I am amazed. It has lived up to my expectations and more.

I will always have a love for Ford products after working for them and the Ford Racing Puma project but the book goes into so much detail on all the products and it is further backed up with truly fantastic pictures.
This is a must read for any car / Ford fan.
Thank you Steve Saxty for the truly wonderful insight into the world of Ford car design!

Fabulous book on Fabulous Fords

Ian Thurley on Nov 27, 2018

This book is fascinating - for the insight it gives into the way Ford worked and the number of design sketches and photos of the might-have-beens and never-were cars. I've always been interested in the process by which a car reaches the market since I read a book about the development of the Fiesta in the 1970's. This adds to that in a brilliant way. Great book and a must-have for all Ford enthusiasts like me. Having owned Escorts, Pumas and now a Capri this really hits the spot for me. 

Excellent Book

Carl on Jan 10, 2019

My wife bought me the collectors edition for Christmas and I absolutely love it, its a fantastic book full of indepth knowledge and great pictures and illustrations. I couldn’t resist thumbing through all the pages before I settled down to start reading and it is so well researched and written. I would highly recommend this book if you are a Ford fan.

What a fantastic book

Dan Ferguson on Nov 22, 2018

Can't praise Steve enough... he has put together a wonderful collection of information and great pictures of some of the rarest fords.. it's a real must have for a Ford enthusiast. I bought the collectors edition it's so well presented... 300 pages full of brilliant ford history..

An excellent book!

Lee Kingham on Nov 13, 2018

I have been buying car books for the last 33 years and this book is definitely up there with the best, wonderful pictures as well as information, a real insight In to Ford cars, not only is it a large book it’s also great value.
If you have a general interest in cars or are In to your Fords you won’t be disappointed.
Let’s hope the author writes many more books.
Excellent work 👍


Mark Bayliss on Nov 02, 2018

A beautifully illustrated book with lots of previously unseen photographs and is so well put together that you just can’t put it down

Amazing, the best read.

Paul Sayer on Nov 16, 2018

This is the best and most informative read I've seen on the subject of fast Fords of the era. There are lots of images to illustrate the story and the facts are spot on, this book was written by a person with intimate knowledge of the subject.

It's pleasing to see Tickford's input acknowledged, as a long serving employee of the company I'm happy to see our work included. Spend a few more pennies for the collectors edition to get the full picture!

thanks Steve, it's a book I'll cherish.


Nigel Cooper on Jan 10, 2019

I liked this book. I bought it pre Xmas for my wife to give me back! The authors take on Ford's sucesses and failings resonated well. As a traffic police driver, brought up thrashing Consul Granadas, 2.8 Capris, Sierra 4x4s and a prototype auto Mondeo, (American engined), I always hoped UK Ford would stay big, but had to buy the new Rhd Mustang on retiring. If only they now made a big engined Capri equivalent...


Andy Barry on Dec 07, 2018

A truly excellent book which has clearly involved a vast amount of research and collaboration within the car industry. It has been brilliantly written with a contagious enthusiasm and depth of knowledge, experience and interest that is genuinely enviable. If a book could have been written just for me then this would be it, having been a life-long fast Ford fan and having owned many of the cars included in this fantastic book from beginning to end. With outstanding and many never seen before images as well as highly entertaining text and annotations it holds your interest and I am confident that any reader with even a passing interest in cars will find this very hard to put down.

It follows a logical timeline and gives a tremendous insight into car development over a considerable period. I shall be very proud to show this book on my shelves and I am sure that I will go back to it time and again as it really is an authoritative reference point. Even though this is devoted to the more interesting Ford models, it includes the connections the manufacturer has had with many others over time, and will therefore appeal to car enthusiasts of any preference.

In summary, I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and I am totally confident that any buyer will be delighted with it. Well done Steve Saxty, and thank you for all your hard work.