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Book of the Month January 2020

Book of the Month April 2021

Book of the Month April 2022

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"More than 200 pages, countless photos and images, succinct descriptions, quality paper and attractive design; if you love cars, and not only Fords, you'll love this."

Deputy Editor Glen Waddington

Book of the month January 2020

Book of the month March 2022

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"After the runaway success of his first tome, this new effort had the potential to turn into a difficult second album. Fortunately it's a cracker. You don't need to be a Blue Oval fanatic or a committed child of the ’80s to enjoy the book to the full, but that's far from the case – though of you do tick either of those boxes, it's likely to be unmissable."

Editor Alistair Clements 

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"There's nothing like insider knowledge and former Ford designer Steve Saxty has plenty – both his own and the designers and engineers who contributed. The result is a fascinating volume filled with concepts, cancelled projects and one-offs. With high production values this is a great coffee-table book."

Amazon Review

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"Not only is the content an amazing read with never before seen pictures from the Ford archive, the book itself is almost a work of art in terms of layout and quality - well worth the price! The Collector's editions are more pricey, but the added content is worth the money. No Ford fan will be disappointed!"

David Eddleston

Amazon Review

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"First came across this book on the Smith and Sniff podcast, Richard was waxing lyrical about it. He was spot on. If you are someone with an interest in cars, not even just Fords, it’s a total must read. Fascinating stories into design, engineering even the business side add colour to story of Ford from the 70’s and 80’s. Steve Saxty has more than smashes all expectations for automotive literature. An absolute essential on any book shelf."

Rhys Llewellyn 

Amazon Review

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"Secret Fords Vol1 and Vol2 are unique insights into Ford Design and the automotive design process more generally. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through the amazing drawings and pictures and reading the well-written stories behind each design. The Collectors Editions, containing extra pictures and side stories, are well worth the investment. A real treat for any Ford and car design enthusiast."

Steve M

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