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BMW Behind The Scenes 

Three-book set – Author-signed First Edition

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This extraordinary, highly exclusive three-book collection takes you deep into the BMW design vault – a trilogy of complementary titles. Together, their colossal 570 pages represent excellent value and make for a compelling read. Each one of the First Edition set is hand-finished and supplied in a matching cloth-bound slipcase, numbered one of 1500 author-signed individual copies.

Step inside BMW's unseen world

A personal introduction from author Steve Saxty

"I'd like to offer you the opportunity to read the introduction pages to this three-book set. Just click here.... I think it's the perfect way to appreciate the backstory behind these books and the joy you'll see, and read, of the surprises inside."

BMW by Design – Steve Saxty book cover

Book One

BMW by Design – the untold story of BMW styling past, present and future.

  • Author-signed

  • First Edition – 1500 copies

BMW's Hidden Gems – Steve Saxty book cover

Book Two

BMW's Hidden Gems: Unseen cars and untold stories. Ultra-premium book with fold-outs.

  • Ten Hidden Gems

  • From the ’70s to today 

BMW Art by Design – Steve Saxty book cover

Book Three

BMW Art by Design – Art book and giclée art-quality prints in handmade jewel box.

Best design sketches, ’70s-present

Selected by Adrian van Hooydonk

1: BMW by Design

An octane-fueled journey across the decades with BMW Design. Watch the designers at work as they create the classic of the past, the cars we can buy today and dive deep into the shape of BMWs from the future. A unique first-of-its-kind book that tells the story of BMW's concept cars and the series production vehicles they inspired. Essential reading for classic enthusiasts and owners of modern cars alike.

<<See full details here, or read sample pages below.

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Author-signed First Edition copy

1 BMW by Design

Classic BMWs – sample pages