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The Definitive New Books on BMW Design

Essential reading for every BMW and car design enthusiast

  • Press reviewers say, "These are the best BMW books ever written – these books would be a bargain at half the price."

  • Available as single or three-book set

  • Launch offer; free shipping to UK, EU, USA


The untold story of BMW styling past, present and future


Three-book Set

Exclusive Three-book box set; 1500 copies, author-signed First Edition

Free shipping in EU, UK & USA 

See how the classics were born

Saxty starts off in the post-war era and moves on to the Sixties, when an ailing company was transformed by its exquisite-looking and forward-thinking Neue Klasse cars, whose pioneering influence lives on today. The story gets really exciting with the ’70s classics, ’80s icons and head-spinners from the ’90s.

How the modern cars were created and what's to come

The story arc of the 3 and 5 Series are covered as well as the Z and M car heroes we know and adore. The tale is told through how BMW designs its one-off concept vehicles and the series production cars they influenced. There’s a first time look backstage at the Neue Klasse cars. See why BMW is driven to push the edge of design.

This is the deepest insight into BMW design ever written 

Get yourself a copy of BMW by Design, or the three-book set.

BMW by Design contains hundreds of unseen photos, designers' sketches obtained when author Steve Saxty was granted complete and first-time-ever access to BMW's design archives. This is a unique first-of-its-kind project that delves deep inside the way a major car company designs its cars. 

Multiple RAC Book of the Year nominee Steve Saxty selected BMW because it is one of the most interesting – and occasionally controversial – companies. It repeatedly pushes the boundaries of design.​

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 2.45.14 PM.png

​To tell this epic tale across 288 pages in the core book – BMW by Design, Saxty was encouraged to talk in depth to any and all BMW designers, engineers and executives, past or present, he wished to. This special commitment by BMW Design boss Adrian van Hooydonk led to this beautiful and important set of books.

If you love classic BMWs, you'll find the pages packed with new and fresh insights into how and why BMW designed its legendary models. Or, if you own a modern BMW, then there's also a feast awaiting you as you meet the designers who created your car, see them at work, and learn what they think as they shape the BMWs of today and tomorrow.

Critics are spellbound by Saxty's latest and declare, "Let me be clear – these are the best BMW books ever written and you must have a copy." 

​This central book in the set, the 280mm square, large-format BMW by Design, is lavishly printed and beautifully laid-out by an award-winning designer in a way that complements the vibrant, flowing text. It raises the bar for automotive books.

The depth of Saxty's words are illuminated by more than 400 photos and design sketches, many of which have been closely guarded secrets until now. Start reading the intro – for free - below!

See More or Buy Now

Saxty was invited by BMW Design boss Adrian van Hooydonk to write this new book, the two men striking up an instant rapport. It led to the author spending two-and-a-half years researching and interviewing more than 100 past and current designers. No member of van Hooydonk’s team was off limits and no piece of information withheld because of the author's standing – it resulted in a unique book of thrilling depth and vibrancy. 

Now, ready to see more? Start reading Steve and Adrian's introductory and contents pages here and learn more about what exactly is inside this first-of its kind book.

Get yourself a book today 

3-book Set: BMW Behind The Scenes

For those who crave the ultimate indulgence and knowledge of BMW design, there are just 1500 exclusive copies of the three-book boxed set BMW Behind the Scenes.  The set contains:

  1. BMW's Hidden Gems

  2. BMW Art by Design

  3. Author-signed BMW by Design

Individually numbered cloth-bound boxed slipcase

Art By Design jewel box containing book and envelope enclosing 20 art-quality prints

See details of BMW Behind The Scenes

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