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What is the BMW Behind The Scenes Book Series About?

BMW by Design is a meticulously crafted three-book collection that offers an in-depth exploration of BMW's design evolution. The series not only highlights the design aspects of BMW cars but also dives into their historical context, revealing the people and stories behind them. It is a unique set of books that showcases a treasure trove of artistic sketches and designs from BMW's archives, painting a comprehensive picture of the brand's design journey and what makes it fascinating for critics and fans alike

Who is the Author of These BMW Behind The Scenes Books?

Steve Saxty’s BMW by Design project follows his award-winning Secret Fords set of books. His rich background in car design and marketing, coupled with his tenure at companies such as Ford, Mazda, Porsche, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Nissan, and Volkswagen, underpins the insightful narratives in his books. Saxty's deep-rooted passion for automotive design and his firsthand industry experiences brings an insider’s expert perspective, making these books a valuable resource for car enthusiasts and design aficionados alike. See more about Steve here.

How Many Books are in the BMW Behind The Scenes Series?

  1. BMW by Design – This book offers a holistic view of BMW's styling, capturing the essence of its design language over the years.

  2. BMW's Hidden Gems – It uncovers unseen cars and untold stories, revealing some of the lesser-known yet fascinating aspects of BMW's design legacy.

  3. BMW Art by Design – Serving as an artistic homage, this book presents a collection of sketches and giclée prints, highlighting the artistic side of automotive design.

Are These Books Available in a Special Edition?

Yes, the BMW Behind The Scenes set is a limited run of three books. Each set is not only author-signed but also individually numbered, emphasizing its exclusivity. With only 1500 copies available, this edition will become an instant collector's item, appealing to both BMW enthusiasts and collectors of unique automotive literature.

What Special Features Does the Behind The Scenes 3-book Set Have?

Each book in the BMW Behind The Scenes series is crafted with attention to detail and quality. The books are hand-finished and encased in an elegant cloth-bound boxed slipcase, enhancing their visual appeal, quality and collectability. The second book, BMW Art by Design also includes unique features like fold-out illustrations. The third book, BMW Art by Design is supplied in a unique jewel-box containing the book with a set of high-quality giclée art prints in a custom envelope, making it a visually stunning addition to any book collection. The total page count across the three books is an impressive 570 pages, offering a comprehensive look at BMW's design heritage.

How Can I Purchase The BMW Design Books?

The books are available for purchase directly through this website. Potential buyers have the option to acquire the entire three-book set or the standalone BMW by Design title. The website provides detailed information on each book, making it easy to choose according to one's preference.

Are There Any Special Offers for Shipping?

Yes, a notable perk for buyers is the offer of free shipping to the EU, UK, and USA. This makes the books more accessible to a wider audience and adds value to the purchase, especially for international enthusiasts of BMW and automotive design. In addition, subsidized shipping is offered in long-haul markets of China, Australia and Japan.

What are the Dimensions And Weight of the Books?

What are the Dimensions And Weight of the Books?

Each BMW by Design weighs 2.6kg (5.7lbs). BMW by Design boasts 286 pages, indicative of the in-depth content and high-quality imagery contained within. This substantial weight and page count reflect the comprehensive nature of the material covered in these books. The three-book set will weigh roughly 7kg (15.4lbs).

Can I Preview The Books Before Buying?

Prospective buyers are encouraged to preview the books through this website, where the introduction pages of the three-book set are available to read. Additionally, sample pages are provided there, offering a glimpse into the content and style of the books. This preview feature aids in making an informed purchase decision, allowing buyers to appreciate the depth and quality of the books beforehand.

What Inspired Steve Saxty to Write The BMW by Design Books?

Steve Saxty's journey to authoring these books is rooted in his lifelong fascination with cars and his extensive experience in the automotive industry. Growing up near Ford’s Research & Development center in the UK, Saxty was inspired by the prototypes he saw daily. His career trajectory, which included roles in design engineering, marketing, and strategy for some of the world's leading car brands, equipped him with unique insights and stories that he brings to life in these books. Saxty's passion for automotive history and design is palpably conveyed through his writing, making the BMW Behind The Scenes series a testament to his standing in the automotive community.

Are There Any Reviews Available for These Books?

The BMW by Design books have garnered positive feedback – click here to see more reviews. Steve Saxty's insider approach to writing, combining in-depth research and his personal connection to car designers has resonated with readers and critics alike. Two of his books have been nominated for the prestigious RAC Book of the Year award, further attesting to their quality and appeal among automotive literature enthusiasts. These reviews and accolades underscore the books' value to both casual readers and serious collectors.

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