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BMW Reviews
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"These are the best books on BMW that have ever been written."


 "The material, text and pictures, tell the unique story of BMW’s design processes – almost as if you were granted a tour of the design studios guided by the designers themselves. These books would be a bargain at twice the price."

""This isn’t just a coffee table collection; it’s a portal to 80 years of automotive artistry. Prepare to lose yourself in hundreds of never-before-seen photos and sketches, each stroke pulsating with the passion of visionary designers. A three-book masterpiece."


"I’m a BMW book collector. In fact, I don’t know of anyone who has more BMW books than I do. But this new set by Steve Saxty is the best BMW book(s) that exist. The writing is lively, the production values are worthy of art books—which they are—and the research is thorough. With the cooperation Steve got from BMW, this is, in essence, the official story of BMW Design, straight from the source. My highest recommendation, you must own these books. In case I haven’t been clear: These are the best books on BMW that have ever been written."

Fastidiously researched and exquisitely illustrated. Nearly every page brings a fresh wonder: a sketch that presages a known or unknown concept; an idea that had only been hinted at by BMW gatekeepers. The second volume, BMW's Hidden Gems: Unseen Cars and Untold Stories, which features dozens of concept cars, design sketches, and ideating noodling that will surprise and delight even the most knowledgeable Bimmerphile. 

There are many books about BMW, but only a few of them contain something new for connoisseurs of the brand. Steve Saxty’s book is an outstanding exception here, because the book, written in close cooperation with Adrian van Hooydonk and other designers of the BMW Group, reveals many secrets that have been well-kept so far. We want to recommend "BMW by Design" to every fan of the brand, because this book is really worth it!


"Based on Saxty’s previous Ford books, we’re fairly safe in expecting BMW Behind the Scenes, a three-book set focusing on the German brand’s design, to be among the best books we’ll read next year. We can't wait to read it."

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Former exec Steve Saxty has been given unprecedented access to the BMW archives and design team to produce three stunning, insightful and enjoyable books.

The set covers BMW design past, present and future in BMW by Design, while BMW Art by Design looks at car design as an art form, and BMW's Hidden Gems unearths unseen models.

"If you are a BMW enthusiast or simply interested in car design, BMW Behind The Scenes is an essential addition to your bookshelf. Beautifully presented and engagingly written, it does justice to the creativity of the cars within."
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