In the 1970s and ’80s Ford Design was a hotbed of talent. As its gifted designers thought ever-more out of the box they pushed forward the boundaries of mainstream car design.


This amazing book is the fascinating – yet never previously told – story of how the world’s best design team created not just some of the era’s most fondly remembered cars but hundreds of others that have never been seen before.


It pulls the covers off an astounding, scarcely believable array of one-offs, prototypes, and cancelled cars that were kept secret. They are revealed in previously private photographs and extraordinarily rare design sketches.


Ford gave the author – a former Ford product designer – first-time access to its most confidential archives and more than 50 former Ford designers and engineers opened up their long-concealed files.


Everyone loves a secret: these previously hidden cars have waited decades to tell you theirs.

Look Inside the book here or just click Learn More so see more details and how to buy one of the remaining Launch Editions that come come with a free £9.50 Secret Fords poster, or two – worth £19 – with the best-selling Collector's Edition.

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Two-book Boxed Set Signed & Numbered Collector's Edition

  • Unique numbered certificated copy of Secret Fords signed by Steve Saxty

  • Two-book boxed slipcase featuring unique custom artwork of the most secret Fords

  • Unique Scrapbook featuring unique artwork and more than 140 additional photos and stories

    • Extra-length additional RS1700T material​

    • More unseen Capri prototypes

    • Gallery of secret Granadas

    • Additional never seen Escort and Fiesta prototypes

    • RS200 test track pictures

    • Project Monica – the secret canceled upmarket saloon car from the ’70s.

  • Two free Secret Fords posters worth £19 

Price: £69.99

Launch copies come with two free £9.50-value Secret Fords posters worth £19


Volume One highlights

– 1970-1988

  • Over 100 never-seen cars revealed

  • Design stories of the most iconic ’70s and ’80s Fords

  • Forewords by Ford’s former chief designer and engineer

  • Insiders’ stories of the ultimate unicorn: Escort RS1700T

  • Beautiful design sketches – published for the first time

  • Head-spinning prototypes and one-offs – ­

    • Three Escort Coupes

    • Six unseen Capris

    • Five radical Sierra alternatives

  • 300-plus pages, twice the size of many car books

  • Free Secret Fords poster worth £9.50 

Price: £39.99

Launch copies come with free £9.50-value Secret Fords poster

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Greg L

What an utterly superb book. The depth of content, the balance of photos to text and the sheer depth of knowledge that underpins it is second to none. I’m really looking forward to this new issue as it’s more my era. If it’s half as good as this volume I know I won’t be disappointed.


John Harris

It is obvious that a great deal of research has gone into this and the degree to which the archives door has been prised open is quite remarkable. There is nothing like talking to the horses mouth and the author has certainly done this. It appears that I am too late to get a copy of the author's previous book so if you fancy a copy of this one then don't delay as it may be too late if you leave it. Totally recommended without reservation.


Dean Scott

As a diehard fan of all things ford, Steve's book is a dream. I now have two of his books and the never seen before pictures and information, blows me away. If you are into your Fords, you HAVE to have this.


Ian Abbott

As a dyed in the wool Ford nut I thought I knew everything about the Blue Oval but boy, was I wrong. This book made me say 'oh, I didn't know that' on more than one occasion. Even if you only have a passing interest of Ford, I can't recommend this book highly enough. Volume 2 can't come quick enough!!


Derek Armour

After having purchased ‘The Cars You Always Promised Yourself’’? I keenly awaited the release of ‘Secret Fords’ volume 1, and what a fantastic read it is. As an avid Ford fan and owner since the late ‘70’s, it was fascinating to learn so much stuff - so difficult to put it down. The way Steve pulls it altogether is a great feat, and his enthusiasm and energy just flies from every page. Can’t rate this book highly enough.


Richard Gaydon

Since I received this book I haven't been able to put it down, absolutely fascinating, now looking forward to volume 2.


PH Cheah

Even if you are not a fan of cars from Ford, this book will entertain and delight you. It's like having a pass into the secret studios of Ford Europe to take a peek at some of the many cars that were considered, planned, designed .but for various reasons, never saw production. As a 'true-blue' Ford fan who has owned Escorts, Cortina, Focus and Mondeo plus several Aussie Falcons, I was enthralled by the book, the words and of course the photos. Steve Saxty has given us a book that's quite unique and we must thank Ford of Europe for allowing so many of its secret cars to be featured. I look forward to Volume Two. I have a copy of 'The Cars You Always Promised Yourself' and it was on the strength of that book that encouraged me to buy this book.


Howard Loftus

An absolutely stunning book.Purchased ‘The Cars You Always Promised Yourself’ in 2018 and Steve’s latest volume is equally as brilliant.Many thanks!!


Terry Smith

My partner did the purchasing - A christmas gift - so I can't speak to that, but I'm given to understand it was all top notch. The book itself is a wonderful piece, the print quality is superb, and the content is excellent. Clearly well researched, and with a raft of photos and information I'd not come across before. Excellent read, and worth every penny.


Bob O'Donnell

A very interesting read with some great supporting photos showing the development of week known classics. Looking forward to volume 2