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Unveiling the Secrets of ’70, ’80s and ’90s Fords: Behind-the-scenes Of How Your Classic Ford Was Designed Through The Lens Of Prototypes And One-off Design Studies

If you have a passion for cars of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s and love delving into the secrets of the automotive world, Secret Fords set of books are for you! In this extraordinary pair of books that split the era in two, we take you on a captivating journey through the never-seen world of prototypes, one-offs, and design studies, which have remained hidden until now. Secret Fords takes you behind the scenes to explore not only the beloved mainstream models but also the hidden prototypes and design studies that contributed to Ford's automotive legacy.


If you want to see the full story, then choose the Secret Fords four-book set. It is available for at an incredible value price of just £99.95 – that’s under £25 per book and includes free UK shipping too!


RS Icons Volume One Companion Book focusses on the ’70s & ’80 and covers more than just the RS cars, Capri, Granada, Escort and Fiesta behind-the-scenes details are all there too. It’s great value at £29.95 but you can get it half-price when you buy one of the Volume Two single, 2-book Collector's Edition, or 3-book RS boxed sets.


Secret Fords Volume Two picks up the story in the mid-’80s and takes you through to the first Focus RS. Along the way there are more never-seen Capri alternatives, the story of the Scorpio and the true untold story of who designed the Escort Cosworth. Available as a single book, 2-book signed and numbered Collector’s Edition or the incredible 3-book RS Special Collector’s Edition.


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Revisiting the iconic ’70s, ’80s and ’90 Fords


The 1980s were a golden age for Ford, with the company producing a lineup of iconic cars that captured the spirit of the era. From the sleek and sporty Capri to the practical and efficient Ford Escort, and the heroic RS cars, each model brought its own unique charm to the roads. Let's take a closer look at some of these legendary 80s Fords covered in the books.


  • Escort RS2000, RS1800 and Mexico Gawp at never-seen colour photos of the RS Escort Mark II icons as prototypes, see the alternatives of what went on behind-the-scenes to design the RS heroes. 

  • Capri Mark I, II and III We look at the very first full-sized design model of the iconic coupe – designed during 1966 in Detroit and shipped over to Essex. Incredible jet-powered Capri and more never-seen details of the canceled Capri RS2800 and the prototypes of the Laser and Injection Special. Volume Two takes the Capri story further with many secret, never-seen Capris that-never-were.

  • Sierra Cosworth and XR4i Look inside the world of Sierra like never before – design sketches for the XR4i and Sierra Cosworth and the prototypes that helped shape these ’80s heroes. See how the Sierra Cosworth was supposed to look and a vast array of pictures showing how the mighty RS500 was made and the Tickford-developed prototypes of it.

  • Escort RS1700T The tally of how many cars were made, the enigmatic early prototypes and a look at the surviving cars. The almost-mythical RS1700T is the hero of the RS range. RS Icons gives you the first – and only – chance to see how this legendary car was built and the prototypes were tested.

  • Fiesta The birth of the Fiesta is covered in RS Icons, with images of the very first styling models. The story picks up in Secret Fords Volume Two in the mid-’80s and how the car evolved into the second-generation car. The many different designs considered is a head-spinning into an alternative world of Fiesta and how the small car we loved was created.

  • Escort RS Cosworth Watch step-by-step and you travel back in time to see how the two Escort Cosworth designers – who have never told their true stories before – reveal how the icon was born. See how F1 ace Jackie Stewart helped hone the car and a host of never-seen derivatives like an Escort Cosworth Coupe and two-seat Cosworth Speedster.

  • Focus and Focus RS The Focus was judged the best car in the world when it was launched – go back in time to see the cancelled final generation, secret Escort that was stopped. The design of the Focus is reviewed in full, along with a separate chapter that tells the full story – prototype-by-prototype – how the Focus RS was designed.

  • Granada The Granada and Scorpio like you never saw them before. Ultra-luxurious unseen versions of the original Mark 1, the story of the Scorpio and the unloved wide-mouthed car through to a never-seen final Scorpio designed by Aston and Jaguar designer Ian Callum. The Granada’s secret life of special versions revealed.


A Treasure Trove of Hidden Information

Secret Fords Volume Two and RS Icons are not your typical car books. With hundreds of never-seen photographs and sketches, this book offers head-spinning disclosures that will leave you mesmerized. Ever wondered why the '91 Escort's failure happened? Dive into the untold story, and witness how its aftermath compelled Ford to create best-in-class cars. Unearth the fascinating tale of how the Focus was inspired by a single sketch from a 28-year-old former intern.


The GN34 Supercar and More

Prepare to be enthralled as we unveil the story of the GN34 supercar, a design clash between Italdesign and Ghia, armed with a British-designed chassis and Yamaha-Ford power. The book also brings to light the secret replacement Scorpio, inspired by a Mercedes and styled to resemble an Audi. Additionally, get a glimpse of astonishing sketches from Ford's current design team in the exclusive RS Special Collector's Edition.


Alternate Designs and Ford's Commitment

This book goes above and beyond to give you a unique perspective on Ford's design processes. For the first time ever, alternate designs for each car are revealed, piecing together a meticulous tale of how Ford brought these beloved cars to life. Ford's commitment to Secret Fords is unparalleled. The company opened its design archive, allowing the author to pick over six thousand images, many marked as "STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL."


Author's Insider Insights

As an insider with a background in product design and marketing roles at Mazda, Porsche, Jaguar, and Ford, the author, Steve Saxty, brings a fresh perspective to the world of automotive storytelling. His unique access to Ford's archives and interactions with the former design team members add depth and authenticity to the narrative.


Forewords by Industry Luminaries

The forewords in Secret Fords Volume Two by Richard Parry-Jones and Ian Callum, celebrated engineer and designer respectively, pay tribute to the historical significance of this book. Their words lend a poignant touch to the journey through almost 20 years of Ford's automotive evolution, from stumbles to reinvention with the groundbreaking Focus.


Experience the Secrets of ’70s, ’80s and ’90s Fords

Secret Fords is a must-have for car enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone curious about the secrets behind the creation of these beloved 80s Fords. Embark on this extraordinary adventure and uncover the hidden treasures that have shaped the automotive industry's legacy.

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