Everyone loves a secret and this book IS full of them.

Secret Fords is author Steve Saxty’s follow-up to The Cars You Always Promised Yourself, his five-star reviewed RAC Book Of The Year finalist. Instead of focussing exclusively on coupes, it tells the bigger story of the Fiesta, Escort, Cortina, Granada, and, for the first time, Focus. Each volume features large, unseen images of the earliest design sketches, clays, prototypes of classic Fords – especially the RS and high-performance cars that never made production. These untold stories are beautifully written, expertly edited and gorgeously designed by the same team as Saxty’s first book.


The author once again dives into Ford’s high-security library of never-seen images and, for the first time ever, the almost-mythical Ghia archive. He has interviewed over 100 current and former employees to divulge the untold tales behind hundreds of unseen Ford unicorns. This two-volume book is picture-rich and affordable — unique in concept and beautiful in execution. These are the stories of the Fords you never promised yourself.

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Secret Fords two-volume set:


Volume 1 – 1970-1988

Volume 2 – 1989-2003


Collector’s Editions

  • Boxed slipcase with unique cover art

  • Signed and numbered

  • Supplemental 36-page scrapbook of unseen images 

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Volume One highlights

– 1970-1988

  • AVO’s secret cars; the story of the GT70

  • Escort MkII coupe, step-by-step alternative designs of RS2000 prototypes

  • Four never-seen alternative Capris created from Sierra and Escort

  • Fiesta MKI RS five-door, unseen facelift

  • Cortina & Granada coupe alternatives and rejected designs

  • See how the Fiesta was designed – from first sketches through to clay models

  • Review of the design of Ford logos and alloy wheels

  • Ghia's never-seen unique cars

  • Escort MkIII - two-seater and coupe prototypes, design sketches, XR3 sign-off

  • Sierra design sketches, prototypes Mercedes challenging convertible, Sapphire Cosworth design.

  • RS1700T and RS200 – the insider’s story

Release: November 15, 2020

Price: £39.99 

Volume Two highlights

– 1989-2003

  • GN34 – The ultimate secret Ford intended to take on Ferrari and Porsche

  • Fiesta Mark III what could have been

  • Escort Mark IV/V/VI the early designs, Brazil’s Escort coupe, canceled versions

  • Escort Cosworth Prototype mules and prototypes; full design story by Steve Harper. Escort Cosworth derivatives

    • RWD concepts

    • Convertible, speedster, coupe,

    • Roadster, DB7 concept

  • Mondeo design alternatives, ST250, Mondeo coupe

  • Focus design story by Boris Jacob

  • Focus RS by its lead engineer and designer David Hilton 

  • Focus 320BHP Cosworth AWD by Prodrive, Focus V6, ST210

  • Fiesta RS – driving the last RS that never made it