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One-sixth scale models

Unearthed by the author in during the the course of writing the book. They had been sitting in Cologne and removed from their crates for him after after forty years in storage.

What were they used for?

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What were they used for?

What were they used for?

What were they used for?

These were used for evaluating a design late in development when the basic design is nearly finalized. Sometimes cruder ones would be used to determine basic aerodynamic needs and occasionally different designs would be tested to see which was better in the wind tunnel. Each of these models is close to the final design, although there are many minor differences to the later production cars. They would have been tested without the glossy paint finishes which must have been added later. Instead these "epowood" models were usually painted black so that emulsified white liquid could be flowed over them as with this Capri.

Above: The green Granada model unpainted in the tunnel.

  • Emulsified liquid applied to Capri.

  • Capri held stead by pins through wheels

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