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Ford's Cologne Museum

During my research visit to Cologne for my book, I had the chance to spend a morning inside the captivating Ford's Museum, a remarkable experience that deeply enriched my understanding of automotive history. This notable Cologne Museum not only offers an in-depth look into the evolution of Ford, but also provides an enchanting journey through time.


As part of my book research, I extensively photographed my tour around the museum, some of which made their way into the pages of the book. However, there are many more photos and experiences I felt compelled to share here, to truly depict the essence of this incredible Cologne Museum.


Upon entering, you're instantly drawn to a chronological display that proudly showcases Ford's heritage from the early 20th century to present day. The Model T, Ford’s first mass-produced car, sits at the heart of the display, signifying a revolutionary step in automotive history.

Pop culture enthusiasts, too, will find a corner dedicated to Ford's cinematic history. Seeing the Ford race and rally cars from the ages and the cars we all saw in magazines and on TV  in person was a delightful nod to Ford's influence in popular culture.


Ford's Cologne Museum is an immersive experience and stands as a testament to the milestones of automotive history, blending the past, present, and future into one unforgettable narrative.


My morning at Ford's Cologne Museum wasn't just an excursion; it was a mesmerizing exploration into automotive innovation. It served as an invaluable resource for my book, and offered experiences and insights that I am excited to share with everyone.

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