Exclusive XROC Edition:

The Cars You Always Promised Yourself

This unique certified XROC Edition of “The Cars You Always Promised Yourself” carries a certificate featuring your car’s registration number. Just 20 certificates will are available in the first release, making the XROC Edition a highly desirable book. We think it’s not just a perfect Xmas gift but also helps record your car’s authenticity.


If you already have the book then the certificate is available separately, or you can buy the book with a £10 XROC discount on either the Standard or Collector’s Edition which contains additional XR3 and XR4 content. 

XROC Certificate

Features your car's registration number. Price includes shipping and fitting instructions to install within your book. £9.95 including shipping 

The Cars You Always Promised Yourself

The definitive book of Ford design, engineering, and marketing. Features the most detailed story of the XR cars ever written, award-winning RAC Book of the Year finalist.

Available in Standard Edition and Collector's Edition featuring extra XR3 and XR4 content, poster, unique cover, boxed slipcase - numbered and signed by the author.


The first 10 orders will receive a free XROC certificate. Simply email coupebook@stevesaxty.com with your Porter Press Order Confirmation to receive a certificate worth £9.95, please include your car's registration number.

Buy using XROC Group discount code at checkout of OWNERSCLUB10 to save £10.