Peek Inside This Unique Book For Free!

This is a unique book about Ford’s special vehicles and glamorous European coupes.


It’s written by a former Ford product designer and motor industry executive who talked directly to the leaders (many now legendary) who designed, engineered and marketed the iconic fast Fords and Merkurs.


It’s a dramatic tale that covers 50 years of change as cars like the Merkur XR4 Capri, Cosworth and Mustang were conceived, designed, developed and launched. At 160,000 words it is twice the length of a novel  – but that's only half the story, the images are stunning. Take a look!

  • Why did Ford need to sell the XR4 in North America?

  • What was the original plan for selling Merkur?

  • What happened to the plan to install the Alfa V6 in Scorpio?

  • Why was the XR4 added so late into the Sierra program?

  • See the first Cosworth - based on an XR4 shell

  • How did the Sierra evolve through to 1992

  • What did the XR4 Targa look like

  • What were the radical alternatives for Scorpio?