The inside story of the design, engineering and marketing of Ford's coupes and the high-performance ST, XR and RS cars

  • Peek behind the scenes into a secret world

  • How the icons were born

  • Prototypes and might-have-beens

  • Intros from the legends

  • A unique and beautifully illustrated book full of untold stories and never-seen designs and prototypes

This is a unique book about Ford’s special vehicles and glamorous coupes.


It’s written by a former Ford product designer and motor industry executive who talked directly to the leaders (many now legendary) who designed, engineered and marketed the iconic fast Fords. They tell us exactly who made the decisions, and when and why they made them. Read more about author Steve Saxty here.


It’s a dramatic tale that covers 50 years of change as cars like the Capri, Escort, Sierra and Puma, as well as their XR, ST and RS versions, were conceived, designed, developed and launched. 

Ford gave the author unique access to its design archive, so you will see revealed, for the first time, clay models and fascinating what-might-have-been design alternatives that were kept secret for decades. Retired designers and engineers have also contributed their stories and photographs. More than 85 per cent of the hundreds of rare images have never been seen publicly before.


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