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Exclusive Offer For RSOC Members

Get free UK P&P worth £10.70, exclusive access to the new RS Icons book ahead of launch. The two Secret Fords books have drastically expanded the story of how Ford and its RS cars were designed. Volume One was Classic Ford Magazine’s ‘Best Book 2021’ while Volume Two has received five-star Amazon reviews.

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A Pair Of Very Special Books

Together – over two Volumes – Secret Fords tells the story of how each European Ford and RS car was designed. Volume One covers the ’70s; from the Escort Mark II through to the Sierra Sapphire, while Volume Two picks up the story from the ’89 Fiesta via the Escort Cosworth through to the first Focus RS. Click here for more details on the books.


These are the three exclusive RS Owners Club member benefits.

  1. Members receive free UK post and packaging on any book, saving you £10.70 P&P

  2. Immediate access to the new RS Icons book ahead of launch.

  3. Get three-for-the-price of one flat (rather than folded) RS wheels, RS design sketches and Ford Wheels posters.

Of crucial interest to RSOC members are the two very special limited-edition RS signed and numbered boxed multi-book boxed sets. Buy both boxed sets together and you’ll save £21.40 P&P and get five books – that’s almost 1,000 pages of never-seen insight into how Ford’s more iconic vehicles and the RS cars were designed! Click here for how to order!

Each of the two RS boxed sets features:

  • A multi-book boxed slipcase with unique RS cover artwork for each era

  • Signed and numbered copy of Secret Fords

  • Two Secret Fords folded posters in Volume One set and the special RS three-poster set in Volume Two.

Volume One 70s & 80s RS Icons Special Limited Edition two-book set (approximately 300 of the 600 copies left) – includes the new RS Icons book and Volume One.

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Volume Two RS Special Collector’s Edition three-book set (approximately 450 of the 1500 copies left) – includes the 1) RS Design book, 2) Behind-the scenes of design Scrapbook and 3) Secret Fords Volume Two.

How To Apply The RSOC Discount To Buy Secret Fords

Simply click here to go to the RSOC site to get your code and return to this page.

Now, you've got the RSOC code?

You have two options:

1)  Apply your RSOC code where it says "Enter Promo code"to get free P&P on Secret Fords Volumes One or Two. To get free P&P by applying the RSOC code at checkout. Click the blue button below.



2) Click here to buy the new RS Icons book ahead of launch then use your RSOC code as the password.


Note that the free P&P offer only applies to UK RSOC Members.

Poster Offer

Click here to buy three-for-the-price-of-one posters. Simply apply the code FREEPOSTERS at checkout. Note, posters are only available in the UK.

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