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This is a unique book about Ford’s special vehicles and glamorous European coupes.


It’s written by a former Ford product designer and motor industry executive who talked directly to the leaders (many now legendary) who designed, engineered and marketed the iconic fast Fords of the ’70s and ’80s.


It’s a dramatic tale that covers 50 years of change as cars like the Sierra, XR cars  Capri, Cosworth were conceived, designed, developed and launched. At 160,000 words it is twice the length of a novel  – but that's only half the story, the images are stunning. Take a look at the samples below.

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Sierra Story At A Glance

  • Project Linda, The aborted 1977 study for a replacement Taunus/Cortina. Handsome, but not enough.

  • Advanced Design's four hot-shot designers try to envisage what a late-80s car from ten years into the future.

  • One design by Gert Hohenester stands out. It's radical, but is it too much? It can't be killed and Project Toni kicks off.

  • The sketch is made into a full-sized 3D model with five doors on one side and a striking three-door on the other.

  • New boss Bob Lutz wants to turn the three-door into a big brother of the XR3.

  • Project Toni's body is finished and Probe III is designed to warm up the market. Nobody expects Sierra to be as radical.

  • Panic! A Cosworth racer and XR4x4 are rushed through with a strikingly good-looking facelift.

  • THIS is the story in The Cars You Always Promised Yourself

Watch below and read sample pages