Special limited-run Collector’s Edition features a supplemental Scrapbook plus an author-signed and numbered copy of Secret Fords–Volume One together inside a unique boxed slipcase.


These two books take you for the ultimate delve inside this unique collection of prototypes, one-offs and cancelled cars. See an additional 140 never-seen photos and read untold stories that would otherwise remain hidden. The astonishing RS1700T story is extended by another seven pages to include photos of mules, the clay model and even a wide-bodied version. A third of the Scrapbook is dedicated to previously unseen RS prototypes and one-offs, alongside a head-spinning array of Fiestas, Escorts, Granadas, Sierras and Capris.


The first preordered copies also include two free Secret Fords posters worth £9.50 each.


Supplemental Scrapbook builds on the main Secret Fords book with:


  • Escort RS1700T undergoing secret track tests
  • Wind tunnel development of the RS200 and Sierra Cosworth
  • Mysterious Project Monica, a never- seen upmarket saloon
  • Fiesta RS and Ghia interior design
  • Alternative Escorts
  • More previously-secret Capris.

Secret Fords Vol One Collector's Edition Two-book Boxed Set


    ISBN: 978-1-8382232-1-2 

    • Certificated copy of Secret Fords signed and numbered by the author
    • Scrapbook features unique cover art with an extra 140+ photos and stories
    • Boxed slipcase for both books featuring unique cover art of the rarer and more unusual prototypes, one-offs and cancelled cars
    • First 500 orders include two free Secret Fords posters worth 9.50 each
    • Limited first edition run of 999 copies.
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