Outstanding value; 300+ colour pages

Hundreds of never-seen photos of prototypes, one-offs and cancelled cars

Written by five-star reviewed RAC Book Of The Year Finalist of The Cars You Always Promised Yourself

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Secret Fords Volume One - Standard Edition (includes free launch poster)


    In the 1970s and ’80s Ford Design was a hotbed of talent. As its gifted designers thought ever-more out of the box they pushed forward the boundaries of mainstream car design.


    This amazing book is the fascinating – yet never previously told – story of how the world’s best design team created not just some of the era’s most fondly remembered cars but hundreds of others that have never been seen before.


    It pulls the covers off an astounding, scarcely believable array of one-offs, prototypes, and cancelled cars that were kept secret. They are revealed in previously private photographs and extraordinarily rare design sketches.


    Ford gave the author – a former Ford product designer – first-time access to its most confidential archives and more than 50 former Ford designers and engineers opened up their long-concealed files.


    Everyone loves a secret: these previously hidden cars have waited decades to tell you theirs.


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