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Exclusive Offer For Focus RS Owners 

The definitive book on the design and development of the Focus RS is now available to Mk 1 Focus RS Club members and attendees at the Gaydon Anniversary event. – with an exclusive 20 per cent discount. Secret Fords Volume One tells the the story of the ‘70s and ‘80s while Volume Two goes up a gear to tell the inside tale behind the Focus and Focus RS. 

The author interviewed hundreds of designers and engineers to pack the book with untold stories and photos that have never been seen before.

Secret Fords Volume Two is essential reading for any enthusiast, but the real treat is in the three-book RS Special Collector's Edition that is individually signed and numbered. It's essential reading for the Focus RS enthusiast as it builds on the Focus RS story covered extensively in the main book. The RS Special Collector's Edition contains an extra book that includes a detailed first-hand story by Dave Hilton – the designer of the Focus RS how he styled the car. Then, Prodrive's test driver takes you behind the scenes to reveal the rumoured but never-seen AWD 280bhp cancelled next-generation Focus RS Mark 1. See below for more details!

To order, use your 20% off coupon code at checkout using the coupon code FOCUSRS at checkout. Remember – it's only available to Focus RS owners here. You can also get free shipping by selecting the "Collect at Gaydon" box if you wish to collect at the 20th anniversary meet on September 4th at the Gaydon museum.

A Pair Of Very Special Books

Together – over two Volumes – Secret Fords tells the story of how each European Ford and RS car was designed. Volume One covers the ’70s; from the Escort Mark II through to the Sierra Sapphire, while Volume Two picks up the story from the ’89 Fiesta via the Escort Cosworth through to the first Focus RS. Click here for more details on the books.


These are the three exclusive RS Owners Club member benefits.

  1. Members receive free UK post and packaging on any book, saving you £10.70 P&P

  2. Immediate access to the new RS Icons book ahead of launch.

  3. Get three-for-the-price of one flat (rather than folded) RS wheels, RS design sketches and Ford Wheels posters.

Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 1.55.14 pm.png

To receive your 20% off Steve's books then use the coupon code FOCUSRS at checkout and remember to specify if you want to save £10.75 on shipping by collecting on the day at Gaydon on September 4th. Now, choose which version of the book you want!

You can use your discount on any version or Volume 1 or 2 by clicking but these are the two versions (Standard or the 3-book RS Special Collector's Edition) that are tailored to the Focus RS Owner.

Secret Fords STANDARD COVER_v4.jpg

Secret Fords Volume Two Standard Edition

is great value at £39.95 since it is twice the size of most car books– just click here to purchase this award-winning book!

  • Design story of the ’90s RS icon, the Escort Cosworth - including never seen Speedster and Coupe versions

  • Untold story of the cancelled final Escort – half Focus/half Escort (featured on cover)

  • Focus story – how a 28-year-old former intern came up with the Focus style that was rushed through to production virtually unchanged

  • The Focus RS design and development story – read – for the first time ever – who designed and engineered the car, all told in astonishing detail with hundreds of extraordinary images.


Secret Fords Volume Two RS Special Collector's Edition

is the definitive 3-book set that covers the late-‘90s-to-early 2000s, from Fiesta RS to Focus RS. Each of the remaining 300 copies are supplied in a unique slipcase featuring the original Focus RS design sketches on the front. The three books are:

  1. Author-signed and numbered copy of Secret Fords Volume Two

  2. Collector's Edition; behind-the-scenes with Ford design with more unseen secret cars

  3. RS Design; meeting today's RS designers and hear stories from their predecessors and see their work as they created the RS cars.

    • Focus RS by its designer Dave Hilton

    • Driving the secret Cosworth AWD Focus prototype built by Prodrive for Ford

    • Escort Cosworth, by its designer Steve Harper

    • Review of each RS designer's sketches

    • Ford reimagining of the RS200 for the future

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