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Steve will be located in the Blue Showfield near Gate 6 with the Merkur and Focus clubs on June 5th and 6th and be giving three talks.

Secret Merkur Sierra and Capri (Talk 1: Friday 1:30PM)
The untold story of how the Sierra XR4Ti and Scorpio were born. The Sierra changed the face of car design, but nobody knew – until now – that Ford planned to push things even further. Steve will talk through how the Sierra wriggled through Ford’s design process and reveal the never-seen versions, like a Mercedes SL-challenging luxury convertible and a replacement for the Capri. His talk will include images of alternative Scorpio designs and a whole new Sierra body that was cancelled.

Secret Fords of the Early ’90s (Talk 2: Saturday 10AM)
The almost-mythical Ferrari-challenging GN34 revealed for the first time, imagine a 308 at a Boxster price. It’s probably the ultimately Secret Ford story – why didn’t this amazing machine not enter production? Hear how the legendary Escort Cosworth was designed and what were the secret spin-offs; rear-drive V6 monsters, a Speedster, Dune-buggy and a coupe. What were the special Contours we could have bought like the ST250, a coupe and more!

Secret Fords of the Late ’90s (Talk 3: Saturday 2PM)
The birth of New Edge and the Focus. See the cancelled Escort that that was scrapped just before being signed-off. Steve will talk through New Edge, revealing the origins of this controversial design language that led to the Focus. The talk will include a first-time look at the rumored AWD Cosworth-powered Focus built by Prodrive and how the Focus RS was designed in secret. Steve will finish with the early-2000s aborted attempt to build a Fiesta RS and the Capri – two of the most exciting cars in Volume Two of Secret Fords.