Announcing The New Secret Fords Book

RS Icons Edition

’70s & ’80s

The new, final book in the Secret Fords series. The RS Icons Companion Book to Secret Fords Volume One forms part of a special run of 600 two-book author-signed and numbered limited edition sets. The new RS Icons book will not be released until later in 2022 – but is immediately available in the new 70s & 80s RS Icons Limited Edition two-book set that includes the award-winning Secret Fords Volume One.

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New RS Icons Limited Edition Set Restricted To Just 600 Copies 

The new 70s & 80s RS Icons two-book set is the latest – and, for the foreseeable future – final – addition to the Secret Fords series.


Author Steve Saxty notes, “After the distributor told me that we were about to sell out of Volume One, I realised that we should print the second edition as a two-book RS Icons set inspired by the massively popular Volume Two RS Special Collector’s Edition. That way, enthusiasts could enjoy a new ’70s-to-mid-’80s RS set that complemented and expanded the Volume One tale. I had so many new images and untold stories that I knew it could fill an extra book – and now it has!


The new 70s & 80s RS Icons Special Limited Edition two-book set will be restricted to just 600 copies. To ensure each set’s authenticity and collector’s value, each copy will be signed and numbered by the author. The two books are supplied in a beautiful RS Icons Limited Edition boxed slipcase.

Free shipping when purchased as a twin-volume compilation set including Volume Two.

  • Two fantastic books supplied in a handmade boxed slipcase with unique artwork.

  • Secret Fords Volume One was Classic Ford Magazine's 'Best Book 2021' and RAC Book of The Year Finalist.

    • Each copy in the final run of 600 are individually signed and numbered by author Steve Saxty

    • Full colour hardback – over 300 pages, full colour hardback, twice the size of many car books.

  • All-new RS Icons Companion Book builds on the story featuring unseen images of classic ’70s and '80s Fords being designed and tested in secret.

    • This book is only available as part of the RS Icons two-book set. It will be made available separately later in 2022.

    • Full colour hardback – almost 150 pages, full colour hardback.

  • Supplied with free Secret Fords Vol One poster worth £9.50​ plus a three-for-the-price-of-one RS Volume Two poster offer

See sample pages of each book below.

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RS Icons – Companion Book to Secret Fords Volume One


Secret Fords Volume One